About ROH

“Ray of Hope” is a non-profit organization formed by a team of animal lovers with the primary objective of serving the homeless and helpless felines and canines in Sri Lanka. Our Team is dedicated towards tasks such as – Re-homing & Adoption, Rescues & Rehabilitation, Sterilization Programs, Feeding Programs and all other animal welfare activities.

Backed by the specialist support at Best Care Animal Hospital and Four Paws Animal Hospital, we at Ray of Hope (ROH) believe in giving all harmed, hurt and abandoned animals a better tomorrow, full of all the Hope, Love and Caring they deserve…

Our Vision…
To make a change, in the worlds of all homeless and helpless animals and give them all a better tomorrow…

Our Mission…
To serve the sick and hurt animals and find the best homes and families for all in need…


ROH Proud Team…


Iraki Lankika
Nirmali Fernando
Sameera Dayanthini (Sam Dee)
Coordinator & Editor
Thara Wijesinghe
Team Member
Ayantha Iromi
Team Member